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Relax, sit back, be at ease, have fun and learn to be a Defensive Driver

Free Food Included at River Smiths Restaurant

BEST in Lubbock !

Why be hungry when you can have the best food free :)

(If you do it in person, Enjoy)

Only 39.99 To Do The Class In Person

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Save Money ! Cheapest Discount Price

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FREE Notarize Your Court Papers !

(Other Places Charge $5.00 up to Notarize.

If they do it at all, Most Don't

(If You Do It In Person, here it's Free !

FREE Help with Your Forms ! :)

I will help you here.

Other Places don't help you, I will help you.

(If you do it in person)

FREE Pen !

If you do it in person

FREE Certificate for 10 Percent OFF of Your Auto Insurance for 3 years

Save Money On Your Auto Insurance

Time: Saturday 9:30am until 3:30pm

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River Smiths

406 Ave Q

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I Can Order Your Driving Record For You In The In Person Class

You will need Your Driving Record for The Mandatory Court Requirement 

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EZ Defensive Driving at River Smiths

406 Ave Q Lubbock,Texas 79401

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Easy Defensive Driving In Person Lubbock

In Person Defensive Driving

In Person Defensive Driving Only 39.99

At River Smiths

406 Ave Q

Lubbock, Texas 79408

Time: Saturday 9:30am Until 3:30 Pm

Please Park In Back - Conference Room Ins 

Call Cell 806-781-2931

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Easy Defensive Driving is Number One in Lubbock Texas

The In Person Defensive Driving is a Great way to do Defensive Driving 

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Insurance Only Defensive Driving

Bring Family And Friends They Can Do The Insurance Only for 35.00

 Please bring Your Family & Friends they can do it for the Insurance Discount Only for just $35.00 ! Because its Fun to bring Family & Friends ! (And they also get Free Food ! )

Bring your Spouse and Kids :)

Because you can save Big with all those 10 Percent off Insurance Certificates

Give your Insurance Agent / Company a Bunch of Certificates from everyone in your Family to Save even More Money ! :) 

Company Drivers can do Insurance Only Defensive Driving

The Insurance Only Defensive Driving is also good for Company Drivers. 

Bus Drivers, Delivery Drivers, Taxi Drivers anyone who Drives for a living.

To brush up on driving safety makes for fewer accidents.


Other Places might not be Open - Why take a Chance going to another place? 

Save time and gas

Easy and fun

We care about you

Don't play musical chairs driving around Lubbock looking for one that is Open

Relax, sit back, be at ease, have fun and learn to be a Defensive Driver

Jokes :)

​Because you are inside in a Nice Comfortable Room :)

Take it sooner rather than later. As the Courts are somewhat inflexible on the times that they want it turned in.

(They may cut you some slack and they may not, may not is much more likely)

24 hours / 7 days a week  :)

Open Every 

Saturday 9:30 am

 I have noticed 1/2 the time some of my Competitors Cancel


Tip #1

After You get a speeding ticket go to the court or call them and ask to take Defensive Driving for your ticket. Don't take Defensive Driving BEFORE you talk to the Court and pay the court fee (Which is much less than the Ticket).

If as soon as you get the Ticket, you Rush and take Defensive Driving first, before you talk to the Court. THEN you will have to take it again !

As the Court wants you to talk to them FIRST. Because they want to know what you are doing. And they will tell you what you need to do, as some Courts want your Texas Driving Record and may have a paper you need Notarized(I will Notarize it for free).

Tip #2

Tip Number 2 :

After you get the Courts permission to take Defensive Driving the Courts generally give 90 days to do it and turn it in.

Take it sooner rather than later. As the Courts are somewhat inflexible on the times that they want it turned in.

(They may cut you some slack and they may not, may not is much more likely)

Tip #3

Make Copies of everything before you give it to the Court.( The Court does not want Copies) They want the Original.

(Copies are in case something gets lost)

Get a Receipt when you turn Your Defensive Driving Certificate in to the Court. If you mail your Certificate then at the Post Office have it Certified so that they have to Sign for it. For your own protection, in case it gets lost in the Mail.

Don't put your Certificate in a drawer somewhere, take it to the Court right away (As soon as you get it)

Be sure and sign it, before you give it to the Court.

​Note: There is two Certificates one is for your Ticket, the other is for your Insurance, you get 10 percent off of your Auto Insurance for the next 3 years :)

Give the Insurance Certificate to your Insurance Agent or Mail it to your Insurance Company . (Make copies first, in case they lose it)

Don't mail it until you talk to someone first, so that they know it is in the mail :)

Tip #4

When you take the Defensive Driving Class for a Speeding or Traffic Ticket , you can bring friends and Family to take it for just the Insurance Discount. It is even more Fun to bring Friends and Family with you. It is much more exciting and they also get the Free Food for doing the Class :)

Bring your Spouse and your Teens. (Teenagers have high Auto Insurance , Defensive Driving gives them 10 percent off their Auto Insurance too). It is even Cheaper to do Defensive Driving for Insurance Only. For a Traffic Ticket it is only $39.99 (Traffic Ticket's also get the Insurance Discount ), for only the Insurance Discount it is$35.00 :)

Tip #5

What to bring to Defensive Driving Class :

Bring your Drivers License.

(At least the number)

No Drivers License is ok, if you never had one to start with.

Out-of State Drivers are Accepted also :)

If you bring the Court Papers that they gave you, I will go over them in the class.

You need to know what town you got the Ticket. If it was Municipal Court or Justice of the Peace. If Municipal you need to know the town, if Justice of the Peace , the Judges last name. (All that is on the Ticket)

Municipal is the City,

JP is usually a Ticket by the Highway Patrol - Except at Texas Tech

Tip #6

Which is Better ? To do Defensive Driving in Person or Online ?

It depends :)

In Person Driving School in Lubbock :

You get the Free  Dinner plus I help you with your Forms and Notarize your Court Papers for Free.

Jokes it's Lots of Fun :)

You get the Defensive Driving Course done so you can do other things, that you like to do.

(I do most of the work when you do it in Person)

About Us



Teacher Kept it Interesting and fun .

Good Talking .

He was very Friendly and very helpful .

He made it fun with stories and examples .


He explained it and made it fun.

I learned a lot of things I didn't already know.

Went into detail.

Had Jokes to say.

He was Cool.

Added Humor.

He was funny but professional at the same time.

It's easy and entertaining.

About Us


Do In Person OR Online



( Can't do it in Person because of Your Work Schedule ? Out of Town ?
Or if You live to far away to drive here. Number 1 in Texas and Fun ! Super Best & Exciting ! So Easy a
​Slacker could do it :) FAST & Cheapest :)

Easy Fast Defensive Driving Online It's very Easy & FAST !

         (Texas Approved ! Ticket Dismissal & 10 Percent Insurance Discount Included )


Ez Defensive Driving in Lubbock

Bring your Spouse and your Teens. (Teenagers have high  Auto Insurance , Defensive Driving gives them 10 percent off their Auto  Insurance too)

​​Because We Are OPEN!


Call 781-2931 Now ! 
You deserve to talk to a real person :)
After taking this Class you and your family will be a lot Safer on the Road because you will be a 
Defensive Driver

Complete it in Person !

Because it's Very Easy, Fun & Jokes :)



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EZ Defensive Driving C2204 is State of Texas Certified for Ticket Dismissal


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9:30am To 3:30pm

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Defensive Driving Online

Do Defensive Driving Online


NEW ! You can do Defensive Driving Online on your Cellphone , Tablet or Computer 

(  Start on your Phone , Computer or Tablet , go back and forth between  devices using your Web Browser use whichever device you want :)   Computer, Tablet or Phone )

Heads Up !: Order Your Driving Record when you do it Online for the Mandatory Court Requirement !

Your DPS Audit Number it is the Blue Long Number on Your Drivers License

Texas Certified for Ticket Dismissal Approved for Tickets


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